Formation Riding

Staggered Riding

  • The lead motorcycle should be in the left 1/3 of lane, the second motorcycle should be in the right 1/3 of the lane, one second behind the first rider, and son on
  • Leave enough room between each motorcycle so that any rider can maneuver to the right or the left without hitting anyone else
  • Always stay in line with the bike in front of you. Do not switch between the left and right side of the lane
  • Trikes and bikes with sidecar: check with Road Captain for position


Single File Riding

All motorcycles ride in a single line, two seconds behind one another, in either the right or left third of the lane. The lead rider determines on which side of the lane the group will ride.  


Passing should always be undertaken one motorcycle at a time, min staggered formation. Remember, passing at any time can be hazardous. Use common sense. Passing Other Vehicles

    • Pre-pass position: Be far enough behind the vehicle you are passing to see clearly down the road to do an “oncoming traffic check”.
    • Signal. If you have a passenger, he or she should signal as well.
    • Check your mirrors and then turn your head to check your blind spot and ensure that no one is passing you.
    • Accelerate and change lanes. Remember, legally, you can’t exceed the speed limit.
    • When returning to your lane, signal and make a mirror check and head check to be sure there is space between you and all other vehicles. Return to your lane and turn off your blinker.

After Making the Pass

  • The lead rider makes the lane change, going to the right track, until he can clearly see that the other riders have made their lane changes.


Keep the Group Together

  • Plan-The leader should look ahead for changes and signal early so “the word gets back” in plenty of time. Start lane changes early to permit everyone to complete the change.
  • Put novice riders or those new to the group riding at or near the back unless riders wish to be elsewhere.
  • Follow Those Behind – Let the sweeper set the pace. Use your mirrors to keep an eye on the person behind. If a rider falls behind, everyone should slow down a little to stay with the tail ender.