Safety when riding is #1. A great resolution – any time of the year – is to add safety
to your motorcycle riding.

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Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. Being prepared can lessen the severity of injuries and even prevent an unfortunate ending to a life. There are a number of ways to be better prepared when riding including taking an advanced rider’s course, carrying a first aid kit, taking a CPR or First Aid course. Problems on the road? Call the Road America toll-free number: 888-443-5896 (also listed on the back of your HOG membership card). Road America will send an authorized service provider to assist you. After the service is completed, the member signs off on the invoice. If it is $100 or less, the member does not pay anything. If it is more than $100, the member must pay the difference. (Benefit limits in Canada are in Canadian dollars (up to CD $100) and in U.S. dollars (up to US $100) when in the United States).